Mortal dumpling is available to cater private events!

We have menus for a variety of different events, from cocktail parties and multi-course dinners to office parties and weddings.

Private Dim Sum meals + Tea Parings

We particularly love to serve our food in small, intimate environments - meals for about 8 - 20 people. This format gives us a chance to prepare many of the specialties of the Cantonese and Shanghai dim sum traditions that we are unable to serve in larger settings. Our menus for these meals include around 6-10 different dumplings and dim sum dishes, many sides, salads and pickles.

The meals are served largely on locally made pottery.

Our dim sum incorporates Chinese tea, served and prepared in unique and vintage ceramic tea ware. We offer simple tea service to accompany the meal, as well as more elaborate tea parings and pourings of high quality oolong and vintage/rare puerh teas. We source our tea largely from the Hidden Peak Teahouse in Santa Cruz, CA.

Please email us for sample menus and details at